Here's how much of a house €200,000 will buy you in countries across Europe

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Here's what €200,000 buys you in Mayfair... (Source: Getty)

It's hardly big news UK house prices are among the most expensive in Europe - but what does that actually mean, practically speaking?

This chart from Statista, using data from Deloitte, lays out exactly what you can expect to get with in different countries with the same amount of cash - €200,000 (£167,690).

And while London is right at the bottom of the pile thanks to the fact €200,000 will only net buyers 11 sq m (about 120 sq ft), in Russia you can get 276 sq m. That's practically a palace (or an average five-bedroom house, anyway).

The UK was the lowest country, with 39 sq m, followed by France, at 50 sq m, and Ireland, where €200,000 will buy you 62 sq m.

The London figure is likely to keep falling: figures published by the Department of Communities and Local Government today showed house prices rose 8.1 per cent in the year to the end of May.

That's the same level of growth as the previous month - but means prices hit £211,000 in May: £16,000 higher than in the same month last year, and £2,400 more than in April.

Still, the Brexit vote might provide some relief to Britons struggling to buy a house: a report published on Monday showed house prices have fallen 0.9 per cent, or £2,647, in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum - while analysts have suggested prices could fall as much as five per cent this year following the vote. Good news for some, painful for others...

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