In her first cabinet meeting, Theresa May has revealed plans to create three new cabinet committees to work on the pillars of her premiership

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Prime Minister Theresa May Hosts Police Bravery Awards
Theresa May formally became the UK's new Prime Minister last week. (Source: Getty)

Prime minister Theresa May is to chair three new cabinet committees in a bid to drive forward the central agenda of her premiership.

In her first speech after succeeding David Cameron, May said that she would dedicate herself to fighting “burning injustices” while in office.

And chairing her first cabinet meeting today, she told ministers that she would personally lead three new committees to work on social reform, economic and industrial strategy and the UK's departure from the EU.

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Downing Street denies that the move is an attempt by May to rigidly control the work of her ministers, instead arguing the move underlines the three key areas as the Prime Minister's most important priorities.

“It reflects the focus that [May] wants to ensure there is from the every top of government on the biggest issues that she wants to tackle,” a Number 10 spokeswoman said.

The full membership of the new cabinet committees is yet to be revealed.

It is limited to ministers, although others may attend in some cases.

May will chair the three committees in addition to the existing national security council.

In the final year of his tenure, Cameron chaired a total of seven committees and sub-committees, covering topics including Europe, defence and extremism.

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