Sir Martin Sorrell and wife Cristiana Falcone are about to diversify

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Falcone (second from right) is reportedly due in November (Source: Getty)

WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell wooed wife Cristiana Falcone by requesting a "strategic partnership" - but now it seems the pair have taken their synergies a step further, after it emerged Falcone is pregnant with their first child.

World Economic Forum adviser Falcone - who is also on the boards of Viacom and Revlon - is due in November, according to the Daily Mail. Sorrell already has three sons by his previous wife.

A Radio 4 Profile of 71 year-old Sorrell back in April revealed he fell for Falcone, 30 years his junior, when she whipped out her firm handshake.

"I don't shake hands in a fluffy way - I'm quite firm when I do it," she said. "Apparently that had an impression on Martin.

"I have to say he was quite persistent. For four years I kept my ground [but] eventually had to give in. I even asked him whether I was a strategic partnership or a hostile takeover and he answered, you are surely a strategic partnership." Let's hope Baby Sorrell is a valuable diversification.

WPP didn't comment.

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