Post-Brexit Britain could become "data haven", technology group says

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The EU could introduce controls for how tech giants use online platforms (Source: Getty)

Brexit could transform Britain into a "data haven" for online firms if the EU opts for heavy-handed internet rules, according to an industry body.

It comes as the European Commission mulls introducing laws which would control how the biggest tech firms use online platforms, such as search engines and social networks in Europe. The legislation would help address competition concerns.

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Josh Kallmer, head of global policy at the Washington-based Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), told the Telegraph that the UK could become a more attractive destination for tech firms after it leaves the EU.

He continued: "There could be directions that the UK goes that are more positive for tech, not just for entrepreneurship in London, but also for the ability of global tech firms to do business here and engage with the rest of the world."

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ITI, which counts Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook as members, wants the EU to take a "non-discriminatory approach" if it implements the new laws.

"The commission ... is taking a positive approach, signalling that it is not inclined to impose ex-ante regime, but will take a pragmatic ex-post problem-based approach," Kallmer added.

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