Angela Eagle takes dig at Theresa May's cabinet appointments as she tries to calm down Labour party violence

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Political Activity In Westminster Following Theresa May's Cabinet Appointments
Eagle stepped down during the slew of resignations from Labour's frontbench (Source: Getty)

Attempting to engage the left of the Labour party, leadership contender Angela Eagle has given a speech in which she has tried to sooth tension within the party.

In a speech with little policy substance, Eagle said that Labour has its work cut out for it as it is, let alone with infighting.

Speaking at an event in Wolverhamption, Eagle said: "We have our work cut out to get people [who voted Leave] believing in Labour again. If all this wasn’t enough politics has turned deeply unpleasant. Think about what attracted you to the Labour party in the first place?

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"I’ve guessing it didn’t involve abuse, misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism and the opportunity to picket Labour events. Let me say a few words about bricks and windows. The Labour Party I know took bricks and built homes with them.

"We opened windows to a more tolerant society. Those who hurl bricks through windows are achieving only one thing – they are spurring us on to build an even better society true to Labour’s traditional values.

"The Labour party can’t become the new nasty party for women, or indeed for anyone else."

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While Eagle and contender Owen Smith have agreed that more needs to be done to win back support for Labour members than espousing an anti-austerity message, thus far both have been fairly policy-lite.

Still, Eagle was able to have a dig at Prime Minister Theresa May's appointments, drawing special attention to the new foreign secretary.

She said: "We all like a joke, but seriously – Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis leading for Britain in the world?

"I’ll say one thing about Theresa May. I have no problem with seeing a woman in Number Ten!

"Mrs May had a great day when she went to the Palace after lunch, arrived in Downing Street in the afternoon and then made these appointments in the evening. But by the end of it I was thinking May Day, May Day."

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