Britain's biggest trade union has voted for mandatory re-selection for Labour MPs

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Addresses The TUC Conference
Unite general secretary Len McClusky was among the motion's backers (Source: Getty)

Britain's biggest union has passed a motion declaring that Labour MPs should face mandatory re-selection votes at the end of each parliament.

At the union's policy conference in Brighton, Unite members backed a motion which accused both “right-wing Labour MPs” and hostile media for attempts to remove Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"MPs have not got 'jobs for life'. They represent their constituency but ultimate they are selected by and accountable to their Constituency Labour Party,” the motion declared.

The motion was also supported by the union's general secretary Len McCluskey.

Although it has no formal power, it is a symbol of the growing discord within the party as two MPs table leadership challenges.

Both Angela Eagle and Owen Smith have revealed hopes of removing Corbyn.

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Meanwhile, the party has reportedly closed a loophole over the upcoming election which would have allowed recent members of unions to vote in a leadership election.

A meeting of the Labour NEC on Thursday ruled that union affiliates who had joined in the last six months would be barred from voting, bringing them into line with the previously declared rules on people who have joined as full members.

It ruled that union members will not be able to vote in the party's leadership contest unless they joined before January 12, bringing them into line with rules on people who had previously joined as full members.

The decision came after concerns that unions could offer reduced memberships to allow Corbyn supporters to vote.

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