Mayor of London Sadiq Khan hosts London devolution summit

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Launches Volunteer Week
Khan won City Hall in early May (Source: Getty)

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan today held a summit of political and business leaders as he pushes for support on further devolution for the capital.

Meeting business representatives from the Corporation of London, London First and the London Chamber of Commerce, Khan looked to bolster support for more powers in the wake of the Brexit vote last month.

“We can’t protect Londoners from the economic fallout of leaving the EU without more autonomy for London government. This is essential to protecting Londoners' jobs, wealth and prosperity,” Khan said.

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“Londoners should have more control over how taxes raised in our city are spent, and how public services are run.

“Not only will London benefit, but so will the entire country. With interest rates at the floor, this is the time for investment. If we increase investment, London and the UK will grow.”

Late last month Khan said the capital needs to "take back control" following the referendum result.

Khan is seeking devolution over fiscal responsibility including tax raising power, as well as more control over business and skills, housing and planning, transport, health and policing and criminal justice.

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The mayor was joined by councillor Claire Kober, chair of London Councils, who said: "We are united with the Mayor in calling for the greater devolution of powers from Whitehall."

The London Chambers of Commerce agreed. Chief executive Colin Stanbridge said: "Keeping London an economic success has always been vital not just to us who live and work in the capital but to the whole country.

"Now, as we face into the future, outside the EU, it is more important than ever that policymakers carefully consider what they can do to ensure the UK prospers, not falters, in the years ahead".

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