Seven locations that show just how crazy the Pokemon Go craze is

Lynsey Barber
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Pokemon is catching us all in a craze (Source: Getty)

It's been less than a week, but we're all now living in a Pokemon World.

At a time of deep political uncertainty, many are no doubt welcoming a little light distraction, but the obsession might well have some influence on the next round of productivity figures as everyone attempts to catch 'em all.

The craze has certainly unearthed some insights into human nature, the way we behave and how we engage with technology, as we can see from these nine crazy things that have happened so far...

1. Mind the Gap

The latest unusual place to pick up a Pokeball is perhaps not the safest. One commuter spotted one on the Tube tracks at High Street Kensington.

As if we weren't already too engrossed in our phones to notice things like, er, cars, trains and buses, travel and police authorities in New York were forced to issue such reminders as don't play Pokemon while driving or step over the line at stations. Really.

2. Mind the inappropriateness

There's dangerous and then there's just disrespectful. The Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US has been forced to ask people not to catch Pokemon as it is "extremely inappropriate". The museum is trying to have the location removed from the game.

3. The frontline

What else would you be doing while fighting Isis on the frontline in Iraq? To be fair, there's likely to be a lot of downtime, so one man has claimed the title for craziest location to catch one.

Posting a picture of the find on Facebook, he said: "Just caught my first Pokemon on the Mosul front line by Teleskuf. Daesh, come challenge me to a Pokemon battle. Mortars are for pussies." Understandably, the post went viral.

4. Scene of death

One of the game's USP's that has been praised is that it gets people off the sofa (where they're glued to their phone) and out and about in the real world (where they're, er, glued to their phone). When one young woman was searching for the required body of water to find a Pokemon, she was in for more than she bargained for, finding an actual body.

5. Labour

No, not that Labour (but you'd be forgiven for thinking so in the current political climate. One man's opportunity to catch one came at a less than frivolous time - as his wife was about to give birth. Without thinking twice he caught it.

6. TUC

Ask someone to go somewhere and do something, and they'll quite sensibly say "what's in it for me?". If it's Pokemon, then people are apparently very willing - and one unusual group has cottoned onto that.

7. Church and state

When you live in a converted church, perhaps you might worry about some kind of haunting. Now one man has the very real life spectre of Pokemon fans to contend with.

Locations like churches across the US are set up as locations for training the Pokemon users have collected, known as Pokemon Gyms.

And that has raised some rather existential questions.

And one place you can't play Pokemon...

The craze still remains earthbound... for now at least. Nasa has said there are only a few smartphones on the International Space Station apparently, and they're not for playing Pokemon.

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