How to get Pokemon Go if it hasn't been released where you live: Your step-by-step guide to entering the world of Pikachu and co

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Pokemon Go uses augmented reality for an immersive game play experience (Source:

You want to be the very best. The best there ever was. You have a quest. And you have a cause.

There's just one problem. You keep getting up the app store and Pokemon Go is nowhere to be found. Just where did all your friends get those screen shots of Pikachu sitting on a bus stop and Drowzee chilling in a chip shop?

Pokemon Go hasn't been officially released in the UK yet but that hasn't stopped plenty of mobile users from jumping on board the latest tech trend that is on course to trump Twitter and has already added billions to Nintendo's market value.

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Here's how you can jump on board too and put yourself on course to catching them all. Just follow the instructions in the gallery below.

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