Brace yourself: Musk's pulling all-nighter on top secret Tesla masterplan

Lynsey Barber
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Elon Musk's plans for Tesla will be revealed this week (Source: Getty)

Fans of Elon Musk and Tesla, prepare yourself – the top entrepreneur and visionary thinker will delight you with a new plan for the electric car company.

Musk teased the "top secret masterplan, part two" on Twitter last week, but has kept everyone guessing about what it might contain.

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The billionaire entrepreneur is clearly a busy man, however, and he's left everyone hanging for a little longer than expected...

The last time Musk revealed a masterplan – part one – was back in 2006, where he set out the stall of a fledgling Tesla and its ambitions to build affordable but high performance electric cars and create zero emissions power generation.

But the latest plan would also come at the same time that Tesla is eyeing up one of Musk's other companies, solar energy provider SolarCity, in a multi-billion dollar deal which he said was about "creating a seamlessly integrated Tesla battery and solar power product that looks beautiful".

Indeed, the latest hint at the future of the company as watchers await the masterplan, is a change of website address - from to, simply,

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The billionaire also has his fingers in several other pies, including SpaceX – the space tourism company which wants to take humans to Mars by 2025 – and the superfast Hyperloop transport system which can reduce hour-long journeys to mere minutes.

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