Gibraltar wants a second EU referendum

Helen Cahill
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Most people in the British territory voted for Remain (Source: Getty)

Gibraltar overwhelmingly voted to stay in the European Union - and now it appears the British overseas territory wants a second referendum because Brits were given a "false prospectus" on what Brexit would be like.

Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar's chief minister, told the FT that there should be another vote so that Britain can decide between staying in the EU and the Brexit deal politicians eventually negotiate with EU states.

"In the referendum two weeks ago it was either in, with our existing conditions, or not. But nobody knew what out meant," Picardo, told the FT.

"Some people who voted to leave might have thought that an out deal meant something completely different. Some people might have voted with rose-tinted spectacles, and others might have been persuaded on the basis of a false prospectus that Brexiters advanced."

Gibraltar is currently in talks with Scotland about how to stay a member of the European Union, and are considering an option whereby Gibraltar, Scotland and Northern Ireland would stay in the EU, and England and Wales would leave.

Most voters in Gibraltar wanted Britain to stay in the EU. It was the first area to declare its result after the EU referendum; only 4.1 per cent of voters said they wanted Britain to leave. But despite being disappointed with the Brexit outcome, Picardo said Gibraltar would never become Spanish as a result.

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