Tory leadership contender and energy minister Andrea Leadsom has published her 2014/15 tax return

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Andrea Leadsom Holds A Rally To Bid For Support In The Conservative Leadership
Conservative Party members will choose their new leader, and the new prime minister, by 9 September (Source: Getty)

Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom has published details of her tax affairs after becoming one of the final two candidates to succeed David Cameron.

The figures prepared by Isis Accountants of Wellingborough show a total income of £83,930 for 2014/15, with £7,333 derived from dividends, tax credits and interest on top of her ministerial salary.

Leadsom paid a total of £22,621.30p on her income while a further £9,270 of capital gains did not qualify for taxation.

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Home secretary Theresa May published four years' worth of tax details last week, but Leadsom maintained that she would only follow suit if MPs selected the energy minister for the final round of voting.

Leadsom's camp argued that she was seeking to protect the privacy of other MPs, whom they felt could face growing pressure towards disclosure outside of leadership battles.

It comes after the energy minister hit back at The Times, which published an interview appearing to show Leadsom claiming that motherhood would make her a better Prime Minister than May.

Leadsom has also been dogged by questions over her time in the City, and was last week forced to publish her CV in a bid to clarify her work history.

However, she was boosted this weekend by comments from by the former chief investment officer of Invesco Perpetual, under whom Leadsom worked.

Bob Yerbury told the Wall Street Journal that Leadsom was "totally honest", adding that she would make an "outstanding" Prime Minister.

“I would never, ever doubt her honesty,” Yerbury said. “Andrea doesn’t play games.”

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