Labour leadership crisis worsens as peace talks collapse

Jessica Morris
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Jeremy Corbyn Leaves Home Amid Threats To The Labour  Leadership
Corbyn has faced calls to resign over his half hearted campaign to remain in the EU (Source: Getty)

Labour party turmoil deepened today after deputy leader Tom Watson called off talks aimed at striking a compromise deal between Jeremy Corbyn and party rebels.

The move will likely pave the way for former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle and Pontypridd MP Owen Smith to launch leadership bids.

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Corbyn has ignored Labour MPs calls for his resignation following a half-hearted campaign to remain in the EU. He's withstood a motion of no confidence as well as an unprecedented front bench walkout.

Watson said Corbyn's declaration to "continue as leader come what may" meant there was "no realistic prospect of reaching a compromise" between the unions largely support the embattled leader and key members of the Labour party.

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He continued: "It is with regret and profound sadness that I have concluded there is little to be achieved by pursuing wider conversations with our union affiliates at this time."

"The Labour party was founded with the explicit aim of pursuing the parliamentary path to socialism. Every Labour leader needs to command the support of their MPs in the parliamentary Labour party, as well as party members, in order to achieve that. It is clear to all that Jeremy has lost the support of the PLP with little prospect of regaining it."

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