European Council President Donald Tusk says more countries will not leave the EU after Brexit vote

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Tusk said Brexit is not the beginning of a process (Source: Getty)

Concerns of anti-EU contagion spreading to countries in the wake of the Brexit vote are overstated, European Council President Donald Tusk has said.

Speaking alongside President Barack Obama and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Tusk said that there are "geopolitical consequences" of Brexit which could be serious, but a domino effect stemming from the UK is not going to happen.

Europe and the US are "taking care of the unity and the Western political community, "and that is key", he said.

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"As sad and meaningful as [Brexit] is, is just an incident, and not the beginning of a process.

"To all our opponents, on the inside and out, who are hoping for a sequel to Brexit, I want to say loud and clear: you won’t see on the screen the words: ‘To be continued.’"

Tusk's comments come just weeks after the UK voted to leave the EU, sparking a number of voices in a number of countries to push for referenda of their own.

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Italy's Five Star Movement, France's National Front and the Netherlands' Freedom Party have also been vocally calling for popular votes on issues from the euro to EU membership.

Meanwhile, other nations, such as Greece, have said that the vote was a wakeup call to the EU to reform.

Along the same lines, Obama warned that "governments, including the EU, cannot be remote institutions".

"They have to be responsive and move more quickly with minimal bureaucracy to deliver real economic progress in the lives of ordinary people."

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