Property of the Week: Agent Lurot Brand is listing this house in Boyne Terrace Mews in Holland Park under two prices – with their services or without

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A CGI of a completed Boyne Terrace Mews from above

Boyne Terrace Mews, Holland Park, £3.75m/£5.75m

A rare opportunity has come onto the market in Holland Park to custom build an ideal five bedroom house with the help of an agent who’s already done all the tricky paperwork.

Getting planning permission to turn this mews house in a cul-de-sac in Landsdowne Road would have been tricky for an amateur as it’s a Listed building and part of Kensington’s Ladbroke Conservation Area, which means there are very exacting rules on external modernisations.

When estate agency Lurot Brand acquired the property in September, the team decided it would garner more interest on the market if buyers could see its potential.

An impression of the extended mews house

So they applied to extend up and down – quite a coup considering recent restrictions on basement extensions in the area – and list the property twice; as a £3.75m house as it stands with planning permission and a £5.75m house, custom designed and furnished with their help. It’s sort of a Choose Your Own Adventure for the luxury property market.

“This is the first time we’ve formally done this on the basis that you have to be more inventive as an agent nowadays with the competition that’s out there,” says Marlon Lloyd Malcolm, head of sales at Lurot Brand.

“It caters to those who have the get up and go to do it themselves but without all the bureaucracy of getting planning permission, and also those who want a completely finished product who need a bit of help realising what they can create.”

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If the buyer is in the latter camp, the agent has two designs ready for them to choose from and modify in any way they wish. Either way, once it’s finished, the four-storey house will boast five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study and a south-facing private garden, spanning nearly 3,000sqft.

The name is thought to come from Boyne House, a landmark residence that sat on the site of what’s now Holland Park station, with four houses to the east along Boyne Terrace, while the mews provided accommodation for the households’ horses.

Lurot Brand estimates a build time between six to nine months, a year at a push – depending on how lavish your dream home turns out be.

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