These are the best value wines to buy this year

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Want to drink the best wine, but without the hefty price tag? Grab one of these (Source: Getty)

If you're looking for the biggest bargains in the wine world - look no further. These are the top wines to buy if you want a great Friday night dinner, without spending too much.

The best value wines in the 2016 International Wine Challenge (IWC) Great Wine Champions have been announced - make sure you grab them before they go.

Best sparking: Waitrose Champagne Brut NV, Waitrose, £18.99

What the judges said: "This delicate floral and zesty bubbly is guaranteed to be popular with shoppers, not least because of its £18.99 price tag."

Best red: Beronia Rioja Reserva 2011, Waitrose, £13.50

What the judges said: "This rich red impressed the judging panel with its complex aromas of spice, black cherry and pepper."

Best white wine: Blind River Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Majestic Wines, £9.99

What the judges said: "This elegant New Zealand Sauvignon, named the Great Value Champion White, enthralled the judges with its perfectly balanced aromas of hawthorn and gooseberry, which belied its modest cost of £9.99."

Best rose: Mirabeau Côtes de Provence Rosé 2015, Waitrose, £9.99

What the judges said: "This bright, fresh wine was a hit with the judges for its ripe, red cherry and raspberry flavours and delicate herb notes."

Best sweet wine: Tesco finest Dessert Semillon 2009, Tesco, £6 per half-bottle

What the judges said: "Produced by De Bortoli Wines for the supermarket, this sweet wine was praised for its rich, luxurious finish and enticing honey aromas."

Best fortified wine: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Pedro Ximénez NV, Sainsbury's, £8 per 50cl

What the judges said: "It was this elegant sherry’s combination of burnt toffee, bitter treacle and dried fruit notes, combined with its £8 price, which clinched the prize for Sainsbury’s."

Charles Metcalfe, co-chairman of the IWC commented: "It’s brilliant to be able to buy all sorts of truly mouth-watering wines in the retailers and supermarkets on local high streets.

"Our wine judges are the finest in the world, and they have blind-tasted thousands of wines entered into the competition. You can buy any of these Champion winners with complete confidence. It will be a world-class wine, as well as being fantastic value for money. You really can wow your friends and family without breaking the bank.”

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