Ofcom: Sky garners few complaints across broadband, TV, mobile and telephone, but BT, EE, Plusnet fare badly

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EE got almost six times as many broadband complaints than Sky (Source: Getty)

Things aren't getting much better.

The total number of complaints made to Ofcom in between the last three months of 2015 and the first three months of 2016 was stable - though, to be fair, there was a slight decline in pay-monthly mobile complaints.

Sky consistently got less complaints than the industry average, while Virgin Media fared well too.

But, BT, EE, Plusnet and TalkTalk pretty consistently scored over the industry averages.

In broadband, EE topped the charts with 34 complaints per 100,000 customers, with BT just behind on 31, against an industry average of 19. Sky, meanwhile, had just six people complain per 100,000.

(Source: Ofcom)

For telephone, the Post Office go the most complaints with 29 per 100,000. Sky (and Virgin Media), once again, got just six, against an industry average of 15.

Sky's on a roll it seems. For Pay TV it got just one complaint per 100,000, with an industry average of four (the same as Virgin). BT had 20.

Turning to mobile, the implicit advice is don't get a contract on Vodafone unless you want to spend your time on that mobile complaining about it. It got 29 complaints per 100,000 compared to an industry average of nine, with Tesco getting just one.

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