It's official: Londoners are the grumpiest in the country

Jake Cordell
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It was even too much for Maggie at times
It was even too much for Maggie at times (Source: Getty)

Fed up of all the Brexit doom and gloom? Need a little pick-me-up as we enter the summer months?

Then look away now.

Because new research from those happy-go-lucky number crunchers over at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found Londoners are the grumpiest people in the country.

For anybody who has incurred the uncompromising wrath of standing on the left hand side of the escalator, this will surely come as no surprise. But happiness is just the price we pay for plugging away in the city, making a difference, contributing to the world and being the best we can be, isn't it?

Wrong again.

City boys and girls are also the least likely of anybody in the country to believe their life is worthwhile.

On a scale from one to 10, which presumably means something to the wonks (who, incidentally, packed up their bags and moved from the capital to Wales a few years back), London scores 7.7 points while the good folk in Northern Ireland come in a whopping eight on the happiness index.

London is used to topping league tables - incomes, job opportunities, house prices - but this is one crown which could knock the spirits out of even those headphone-wearing bus-users who insist on humming along to every chord and chorus. There are some silver linings then.

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