Norway union and oil industry talks break down as strike threat looms

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Norwegian oil service workers could strike tomorrow (Source: Getty)

Talks between Norwegian oil service workers and their employers broke down today, as the threat of strike action in Western Europe's biggest oil exporter loomed.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, which represents the employers, separately said the negotiations had been put on hold for the time being, Reuters reported. But the affected workers can't strike until there's been another round of negotiations hosted by a state-appointed mediator.

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It's not yet clear how Norway's oil and gas output would be affected by industrial action. "We don't know which (oil services) companies could be affected. So it is impossible to say what the consequences could be," a spokesman for the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association said.

Separately, forced mediation between oil well service workers and their employers kicked off today. If the two sides fail to agree a deal, a strike will begin tomorrow, but employers said this would have little immediate impact on Norway's oil output.

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