Soon VW cars will let you control your home from the driving seat

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Volkswagen To Announce Annual Results
VW is exploring several technologies for its future cars (Source: Getty)

Troubled car maker Volkswagen is taking another step forward in its drive towards a technological future (and away from that emissions scandal) in a new tie up with electronics giant LG.

Fresh from inking an investment in Uber rival Gett in a bid to become a "mobility company" rather than a traditional car manufacturer, the maker of VWs, Audis and Porsches will wok with LG on connected cars research.

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It plans to bring increasingly familiar smart home features as well as location-based technology to vehicles in the coming years. That will include giving drivers access to controls such as heating and lighting in their homes.

“Volkswagen is pressing on with the digitalisation of its brands,” said VW's head of electronics and vehicle research professor Thomas Form.

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"Our focus in doing so is always on our customers. For them, comfort, safety and energy efficiency play a central role. LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household."

The German car firm has sought to distance itself from the emissions scandal which rocked the company last year and under new chief executive Matthias Mueller. is following a new strategy. That includes a new business unit tasked with broader mobility technology such as autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

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