US Presidential Election 2016: Barack Obama takes the stage with Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump says her private email put "country in danger"

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President Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In Charlotte
Obama had been sitting out of the campaign (Source: Getty)

President Barack Obama took to the stage with Democrat Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton last night to urge voters to support her on the same day the FBI cleared her over her personal email system use.

While Obama said he was ready to "pass the baton" on to his former secretary of state, rival Donald Trump jumped on the news to say she had put the "entire country in danger" by using her private email account.

The FBI said it wouldn't recommend criminal charges be brought against Clinton.

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The FBI found that more than 100 of her emails contained classified information when sent or received, against her statement she never sent classified emails. The agency also found "hostile actors" could have gained access to her email account.

Trump said that it was proof that "the system" is rigged at a rally in North Carolina.

"Her judgment is horrible," he said, adding: "She will be such a lousy president, folks."

The billionaire Republican went on to say that attorney general Loretta Lynch had been bribed not to prosecute with the pledge that she would keep her job in return.

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In their first joint campaign event, President Obama said: ‚Äč"I've run my last campaign, and I couldn't be prouder of the things we've done together, but I'm ready to pass the baton.

"I know Hillary Clinton is going to take it, and I know she can run that race."

Clinton spoke after Obama, stating: "We're going to build on the vision for America that President Obama has always championed, a vision for a future where we do great things together."