Angela Eagle says she has the support to run against Jeremy Corbyn

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Angela Eagle MP Is Tipped As Likely Challenger To The Labour Leadership
Eagle said she can resolve the impasse (Source: Getty)

As Conservatives battle it out for the leadership of their party, former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle has said she has the support to mount a challenge on Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking outside her house this morning, Eagle said that Corbyn is not "properly engaged" with the democratically elected leader of Labour, Tom Watson.

The BBC reported that she said: "It's a week since Jeremy lost that vote of no confidence and there are many other people up and down the country wanting him to consider his position. He's not properly engaged even with the deputy leader of the party, who was elected with a mandate too. It's now time that he did so.

"There are many people, MPs, party members up and down the country asking me to resolve this impasse and I will if something isn't done soon.

"I have the support to run and resolve this impasse and I will do so if Jeremy doesn't take action soon."

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However, Corbyn's closest ally John McDonnell has said that the incumbent leader has not refused to meet anyone.

On Friday the shadow chancellor said that Corbyn could face a leadership challenge "within days", amid speculation that Eagle would make a challenge this week.

It is thought that Eagle was waiting on Corbyn to step down, but will make moves in spite of his determination to remain at the helm of the party.

Corbyn has come under increasing pressure to stand down from within his own party over fears he can not provide the leadership to win a general election and dragged his feat in the EU referendum campaign.

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