Nigel Farage says Britain could continue to contribute to EU budget - but will not compromise on freedom of movement

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Farage says Britain will not back down on freedom of movement (Source: Getty)

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said Britain will make compromises in order to access the Single Market but will not back down on immigration.

Farage made the remarks in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro following the last week's vote to leave the European Union. He said the UK could continue to contribute to the EU budget - but insisted that no compromises will be made on freedom of movement.

"There can be compromises with the EU, including on a possible British contribution to the EU budget, even if I don't quite see the logic for it," Farage told the French daily.

"But there will be no compromises on what Europe calls 'freedom of movement'. Putting the brakes on EU immigration, this is what 17.5m voters asked us to do."

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On the subject of when Britain should trigger the Article 50 clause that will kick off official talks on leaving the EU, Farage said the move should be made sooner rather than later.

"I'm starting to think uncertainty is having a cost, and that we need to move forward and activate Article 50 before September or October," he said.

"Maybe not tomorrow, but without delay."

Earlier this week Farage called for a "grown up, mature" deal between the EU and the UK in an appearance before the European Parliament - during which the Ukip chief also mocked his fellow MEPs, saying: "I know a lot of you have never done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or in trade or indeed ever created a job."

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