Shadow education secretary Pat Glass has resigned from Labour's shadow cabinet after 48 hours in the job

Emma Haslett
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The mass exodus of Labour's shadow cabinet took a(nother) farcical turn today, after shadow education secretary Pat Glass stepped down - after just two days in the job.

Today Glass, who was appointed on Monday, tweeted: "It is with a heavy heart that I have today resigned as Shadow SoS [secretary of state] Education. My dream job but the situation is untenable."

Shortly afterwards, Emma Lewell-Buck, the Labour MP for South Shields, stepped down as shadow minister for communities and local government.

That brings the total number of resignations to almost 60 since Monday. Yesterday Corbyn lost a motion of no confidence, with 172 of Labour's MPs voting against him, while just 40 lent him their support.

Today even Thomas Piketty, the far-left economist who wrote bestseller Capital in the 21st Century, stepped down as Corbyn's adviser today.