Business secretary Sajid Javid looking for role of chancellor as he says "we're all Brexiteers now"

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Javid is hoping for the post of chancellor (Source: Getty)

Business secretary Sajid Javid today confirmed that he is running on a joint ticket for the Tory leadership with work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb and hopes to take on the role of chancellor if they are successful.

Javid, who supported Remain in the build-up to the referendum, said that Crabb is the right candidate as he has what it takes "to make sure the country comes out stronger and also that it comes out as a much more united country".

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Javid dismissed suggestions that they would not be fit to lead as they backed Remain, saying "we're all Brexiteers now".

"The team that Stephen will put together would be the team that would lead this country and that team will include people that were on all sides of the campaign. But more importantly, the decision has clearly been made and the instructions to government have been issued and that is the job of the next government to implement that," he said.

"It's all about implementation now and who are the best people, the best team, to get this done. In some ways, we're all Brexiteers now."

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Javid went on to say that in order to protect the economy the implementation requires people with experience of inside and outside of government.

Home secretary Theresa May, who also backed Remain, is thought to have the clout to lead the party, while Boris Johnson joins her as the other frontrunner.

Private polling of 1,300 on the ConservativeHome website put May ahead of Johsnon with 29 per cent to 28 per cent.

Education secretary Nicky Morgan is also expected to declare her candidacy.

And health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who was in deadlock with the British Medical Association for months over junior doctor contracts, is also weighing a bid.

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Whereas Hunt yesterday said there should be a second referendum on the terms of leaving the EU, Javid said today whoever takes over from David Cameron has to be someone "who won't go back on the decision" with any talk of a second referendum or watered down commitments on migration.

However, Javid said that he believes it is possible to strike a deal of access to the single market while limiting migration.

"But no-one knows, ultimately yet, what deal we're going to get with the EU, but you need people who can do the negotiation, have clear ideas, can assemble a team that has experience and come up with the right deal."

The business secretary also said that the decision is not just about Brexit, but about healing and uniting the country.

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