Young Labour to protest for unity at Westminster today ahead of Jeremy Corbyn no confidence vote

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Corbyn has said he will stand in any future election (Source: Getty)

As the Parliamentary Labour Party readies for a vote of no confidence on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Young Labour are to protest in Westminster today in an appeal for unity.

Young Labour activists will be in parliament at 12pm demanding to see Labour MPs in order to appeal for unity in what it calls "this time of national crisis".

A large number of Labour MPs are expected to vote with the motion of no confidence by 4pm today, when polling closes.

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The organisers said: "As young people we are extremely worried for our futures and the future of our country. Brexit as negotiated under the Tories is certain to be used as an excuse to erode the rights of workers and migrants. We need the Labour party to be united now more than ever to fight the Tories in opposition and build towards a Labour government.

"We work tirelessly for the party. We campaign week in, week out to get Labour candidates elected. The referendum result has shown how important exercising democratic values in our politics are. This coup shows a complete disregard for the membership, without whom the Labour party could not function.

"A general election is likely to be called soon. To spend the next few months fighting amongst ourselves rather than holding the government to account will make going out and talking to communities impossible."

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It has been speculated that a general election could be held soon as both Labour and the Conservatives are in the throes of leadership crises.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will stand in any future leadership election.

Boris Johnson remains the favourite to lead the Tories, but Theresa May is also speculated to be a contender. A poll for The Times released this morning showed she is emerging as the most popular "stop Boris" candidate.

Jeremy Hunt today said he was "seriously considering" throwing his hat into the ring.

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