Brexit fallout: McLaren's chief executive has urged the government to find a way to create stability, fast

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Goodwood Festival Of Speed
No rocky roads for McLaren (Source: Getty)

The boss of one of the world's elite supercar manufacturers might be expected to prize speed above anything.

So it's hardly surprising that McLaren chief executive Mike Flewitt has urged the government to find a way to create stability as fast as possible after Thursday's vote in favour of Brexit.

Speaking to City A.M. at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, Flewitt said the impact of the vote will be cushioned if the government can find a way to restore calm in the markets.

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"The thing we are concerned about is instability, not Brexit itself," he said.

"We genuinely felt that under either route, well-managed, we would continue to prosper as a business, and we were reasonably comfortable with that."

Last week George Osborne made a last-minute visit to McLaren's spotless manufacturing plant in Woking, using it as an opportunity to highlight the role of the UK's high-tech engineering sector in Europe. Flewitt had previously remained staunchly neutral on the subject of Brexit.

But this weekend Flewitt added that as long as the government can rebuild its relationship with Europe quickly and comprehensively, McLaren should be fine.

"We're not, as a company, dependent on Europe. Close to 70 per cent of our exports are to dollar-denominated countries," he said.

"Managed through, we could have exactly the kind of trading relationships I think people want, without what I believe people voted against, which is the political union. And why wouldn't we [choose that]? We have open trade borders with most of the world. Why would we close borders with other countries?

"The decision's been made," he added. "Let's get stability back. Let's get some common sense applied."

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