Slim cyber silver lining for Barclays as the lender's techies flee Brexit all-nighter for the Cyber Security Awards

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Barclays won at the Cyber Security Awards (Source: Getty)

Not everyone at Barclays is having a bad start to the week.

Suffice it to say, things aren't going well for the lender right now. It was suspended from trading on Monday after share prices fell more than 18 per cent as the fallout from last week's Brexit vote continues.

As most financial services firms watched the results come in on Thursday with baited breath from their offices, techies from Barclays fled Canary Wharf and opted for a glamorous night in Chelsea for the annual Cyber Security Awards, and picked up a gong along the way.

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A packed out ballroom at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel saw lucky computer whizzes from the lenders entertained by a magician, comedian and DJ while banking staff were holed up in Docklands.

Barclays picked up the award for Financial Services Firm of the Year, but it wasn't the only City firm to raise a few eyebrows at the party in Chelsea. Big four auditor KPMG's master tester Matthew Ettelaie won Penetration Tester of the Year.

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