EU referendum: London Chamber of Commerce renews calls for London business visa


The group has made the calls before but say the Brexit vote has made them more urgent (Source: Getty)

London needs to make it easier for foreign skilled workers to come to the capital, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has warned.

Last week’s vote for the UK to quit the European Union means London will struggle to remain competitive with European cities, the business group’s chief executive Colin Stanbridge told City A.M.

The Chamber has renewed calls for the creation of a so-called London business visa that would allow skilled workers to come to the UK for a limited time to work. The group previously called on London’s mayoral office to create the visa.

“The high tech industry has the most to gain from this,” Stanbridge said, “London needs to attract top international talent if its going to compete with the rest of the world.”

The construction and hospitality industries were also named by Stanbridge as potentially benefitting.

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