EU referendum: Swindon in line with expectations as it backs Leave

James Nickerson
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It is still too early to call, most commentators suggest (Source: Getty)

Swindon has backed Leave, in line with expectations of how the authority would vote.

The authority backed Leave with 54.7 per cent of the vote against 45.3 per cent of the vote for Remain.

Contrastingly, in the north east of the country there has been better than expected results for the Leave camp.

Sunderland backed Leave by more than 60 per cent, while Newcastle's backing of Remain was far lower than expected with just 50.7 per cent.

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However, overall the country is still finely divided and most commentators agree it is too early to call.

A YouGov poll released earlier this evening predicted that Remain will win the EU referendum with 52 per cent of the vote.

The findings were backed up by a subsequent Ipsos Mori poll which put Remain on 54 per cent, while Leave had 46 per cent.

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