EU referendum: Sunderland votes Leave with larger than expected margin

Jessica Morris
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Sunderland has a reputation for speed (Source: Getty)

Sunderland became the first area to vote Leave in today's historic referendum, with polling experts saying that the margin was larger than expected.

The Leave camp won a large majority with 61.3 per cent of the vote, meaning Remain was left with just 38.7 per cent.

It comes after Remain clinched a smaller than expected majority in Newcastle with 50.7 per cent of the vote, compared to the Leave camp's 49.3 per cent.

Other results to watch are Stirling which is expected at 1am, followed by Oxford and Basildon at 2am and then Hammersmith and Torbay at 3am.

Birmingham and Tendring are due to declare around 4am, Glasgow and Liverpool at 5am and then Great Yarmouth at 4.30am.

A YouGov poll released earlier this evening predicted that Remain will win the EU referendum with 52 per cent of the vote.

The findings were backed up by a subsequent Ipsos-Mori poll which put Remain on 54 per cent, while Leave had 46 per cent.