Libor Three jury reaches verdict for one ex-Barclays banker, as judge says decision on other four defendants does not need to be unanimous

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The jury was first sent out to consider its verdict on Monday (Source: Getty)

The jury in a trial of five ex-Barclays bankers accused of Libor-rigging offences has arrived at a verdict for one of the men today.

Judge Anthony Leonard also instructed the jury this afternoon that they could reach a majority verdict on the other four defendants.

It has been reported that the jury was sent home for the day not long after being told that their verdict did not have to be unanimous, having asked to listen to some tapes again before delivering a final decision.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that, after telling the jurors that a majority verdict would suffice for the four men they had not reached a decision on, Leonard told them that they should still "strive to reach a verdict on which you are all agreed" because it is "still early days" in the deliberations.

Former Barclays traders Stylianos Contogoulas, Jay Merchant, Alex Pabon and Ryan Reich and former Libor submitter Jonathan Mathew have been charged with conspiracy to defraud on allegations of conspiring to manipulate US-dollar linked Libor between June 2005 and September 2007.

The trial, which is being heard at Southwark Crown Court, started in April and the jury was first sent out to consider its verdict on Monday.

It is the third brought to trial by the Serious Fraud Office in relation to its ongoing investigation into Libor manipulation.

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