Final polls hand Remain the lead as the UK votes on Brexit

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Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning
If the online poll proves accurate, Boris Johnson may lose out in today's EU vote. (Source: Getty)

Two of the final polls on the UK's EU referendum has handed the Remain camp a lead over Brexiteers.

In an online survey of 4,700 people, undertaken up to midnight on 22 June, Populus reported a 55/45 lead for Remain.

The strong lead for the In camp is in marked contrast to other polls, which have predicted an extremely tight result.

And a separate phone poll published by Ipsos Mori has also put Remain in the lead, but with a smaller advantage of just four points.

The survey of 1,592 people carried out until 9pm last night for the Evening Standard, shows 52 per cent wanting to stay, against 48 per cent backing Brexit.

And the figures also reveal that just over one in ten people say they may change their minds in the final hours before voting.

A Financial Times poll of polls yesterday put Leave ahead by one percentage point at 45 per cent of the vote to Remain's 44 per cent, while TNS research also gave the advantage to Brexit, although it noted that the gap was narrowing.

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