Quiz: Celebrity EU referendum campaigners - can you remember who supports which side?

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Nigel Farage Joins Fishing For Leave On A Flotilla Down The Thames
Bob Geldof isn't in the quiz. That would be too obvious (Source: Getty)

Whatever your views on the European Referendum - after weeks of campaigning, chances are you're as relieved as the rest of us it will all come to an end after today.

But have you been paying attention to the campaigning so far? Think you know who's supported which side, and what they've said?

Take our quiz to find out if you're an EU-ber authority on the subject - or just a bit of a n-EU-bie...

David Beckham

Goldenballs himself finally took a side on Tuesday. But which side was he on?

Tim Martin

The Wetherspoons boss has commissioned two sets of special beer mats to help persuade his punters. But what did they say?

East 17

The 90s boyband were briefly on the lineup for Leave.EU gig Bpoplive, which was cancelled last week. But where did they stand in the end?


Our four-legged friends got heavily into paw-litics on Twitter towards the end of campaigning. But what was the hashtag?

Vladimir Putin

There has been much speculation from campaigners on both sides over what the Russian President thinks, with the Leave campaign saying he would love Britain to stay in, while Remain campaigners said he wants the UK out. But what did Putin really say?


Car manufacturers everywhere have come out against Brexit - but Nissan was special for one reason. What was it?

Richard Branson

The Beardy One has been pretty outspoken when it comes to politics in the past. But what did he say about the EU referendum?

Big sugar

Tate & Lyle boss Gerald Mason wrote to his 800 employees this week. But what did he say?

Sir James Dyson

One of the UK's most celebrated entrepreneurs, Dyson has been a vocal campaigner for much of the referendum period. But which side has he taken?

Liam Neeson

The Irish star of Taken, Taken 2 and Taken 3 has made his views on the EU referendum known. What were they?

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