Quiz: How well do you know your EU referendum gaffes?

Lynsey Barber
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David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London
We've all been there Dave (just not in a national poltical campaign) (Source: Getty)

​It's not a British political campaign without a few gaffes and the EU referendum has been no different.

Amid the throwing around of speculative numbers from both sides of the camp - which frankly, no one knows the veracity of because there's a lot of guesstimating involved - there were some slip ups from both sides.

Brexit Britain: What you need to know

Think you've been keeping up with the boo-boos and lols of the Remainers and Brexiteers? Put your knowledge to the test with our fiendish quiz which will leave you wondering either what you've been doing with the last few months of your life or proud of your in-depth political knowledge.

Let's get quizzical.

Let them eat cheese?

The gaffe-prone former London mayor has been leading the Leave campaign with his familiar banter. But what food item which enjoys protected status from the EU did BoJo wave as he stepped off the Brexit batttle bus, and where was he?

Who's actually in or out?

The final leg of the campaign left members of both sides digging around for any name they could find that might sway people's support. But which two famous faces were this week forced to correct claims they are Brexiteers?

Bpop Live and let die

Get a stage, put on a show, sell some tickets: how hard can it be to organise a pop concert for Brexit? Quite hard, it turns out. Which act DID NOT pull out?

A rose by any other name...

Which prominent member of one of the In campaign groups, Britain Stronger in Europe, couldn't remember the name of that very group during an interview?

Potato, potato

Former Marks & Spencer boss and Britain Stronger in Europe leader Stuart Rose made campaigning even more cringeworthy by confusing two European countries. But which two (quite different) countries?

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