Corbyn: Future Labour government would back financial transaction tax

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Sky TV News Hosts Jeremy Corbyn To Debate The Case For Remaining In The EU
Jeremy Corbyn backs "Robin Hood tax" (Source: Getty)

A future Labour government would back the EU on a financial transaction tax, Jeremy Corbyn said at the party's final Remain rally.

The Labour leader announced his support for the tax standing alongside London mayor Sadiq Khan whose against the measure.

Corbyn said the levy was “a very sensible proposal I am sure everybody in this building would agree with”.

Speaking to Sky News, Khan later said: "I do not want a unilateral tax on businesses in our City. I am in favour of jobs, I am in favour of trade and investment."

To this, Corbyn said: "Sadiq and I will be having some very interesting discussions about it. I am sure he will come round to the idea. His whole campaign is about equality in London. It's about equality and justice and is about people paying their share."

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Corbyn also went on to say that the UK should use its presidency of the EU Council in 2017, if it votes to stay, to ban zero-hours contracts, which he labelled “appalling”.

“We believe to remain will help us to be able to reform the European Union and will be right for people in this country… We can make this country and the world a better place if we work with other people,” he said.

“I want people to come together over the coming months, to look at other things we can achieve across Europe, other people across Europe we can work with.”

In a last-ditch appeal to voters, Jeremy Corbyn said the Labour party believes reform of the EU is possible.

“[The EU] needs a lot of change and a lot of reform,” he said, adding this is best done from within.

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