Glastonbury gives Remain campaigners the fear as nearly a fifth of Inners would be put off voting if they're hungover

Edith Hancock
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Glastonbury Festival 2009 - Day 2
Youth drinking culture at festivals is a threat to our EU membership (Source: Getty)

Anyone planning to vote in the EU referendum after work should beware – a new poll has revealed that you’re at risk of giving up your rights altogether.

The poll, from consultancy FTI, has found that a tough day at the office is the biggest reason Brits will be discouraged from voting today, with 22 per cent admitting leaving work late would be too much for them.

Meanwhile, one quarter of Inners said they would give up if the queue at the polling station is too long.

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Not only that, the study also found that Glastonbury may give Remain campaigners a bigger hangover than they anticipated.

Seven per cent of Remainians said they could forget to vote if they were heading to the music festival this weekend, while nearly a fifth said a bad hangover would do the trick, making youth binge drinking culture at festivals the biggest threat to diplomatic relations to date.

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Not surprisingly, only five per cent of Brexiteers would be deterred by Glastonbury, but 15 per cent would be put off if they’re nursing a hangover today. Hopefully you, dear Reader, had a quiet one last night...