Youth media group Vice expands into 50 countries. Mebbe cuz it makes good business sense

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These youths will no doubt be pleased with the expansion of the Vice (Source: Getty)

Youth media company Vice has announced plans to expand across more than 50 countries with a series of international deals.

Vice will make market entries into India and the Middle East, launch 24-hour TV channels across Australia and New Zealand and have a stand-alone channel across South East Asia.

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Shane Smith, chief executive and founder of Vice, said:

People don't like to believe me. Maybe it's because I drink too much. Mebbe cuz [maybe because] I'm a story teller.

But today I have something to confess; I am a liar. I lied. Earlier this year it was widely reported that I announced that we would launch Viceland in 12 countries in 12 months and that is not true.

We will in fact be launching in 44 countries (for those keeping score thats less than four months in). Making Viceland the fastest growing television network in history. Forgive me my sins I love you all.

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Vice’s new partners include the Times of India Group, Moby Group in the Middle East, SBS Australia, Sky New Zealand, Multi Channels Asia and Econet in Africa.

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