Five things we learned about the EU referendum from our Google searches

Lynsey Barber
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Googling reveals our interests (but not necessarily voting intention) (Source: Getty)

Soon, we may consciously uncouple from the rest of Europe. What's it all about? Here's what the oracle of all modern day information (Google) has to say about it.

1. It's the economy, stupid

Immigration or the economy? When it comes to the referendum's effect on the country, it's apparently money that matters to us the most. Of the five top searches starting "How will Brexit affect...", just one wasn't related to the economy.

1. Euro
2. Pound
3. House prices
4. Immigration
5. Stock market

The two important matters have flip flopped as the biggest EU referendum related issue in terms of search interest - however, in the run up to Thursday's vote, as illustrated by this lovely chart (press the play button).

2. France has questions

Why indeed, Liam Neeson? The French are having an existential moment and considering what they might have done for us to want to say au revoir. "Why do the British want Brexit?" is the most searched question relating to the referendum by our neighbours across the channel.

The biggest questions posed by the majority of the rest of Europe, in comparison, are "What does Brexit mean?" and "What is Brexit?".

3. Eastern European countries are the least interested

France may be questioning our motivations, but they're certainly not as interested in the whole thing as other countries

But it turns out, eastern European countries are the least interested. Here are the top 10 - and a handy map to show all the EU countries.

1. Ireland
2. Malta
3. Luxembourg
4. Denmark
5. Sweden
6. Germany
7. Netherlands
8. Belgium
9. Greece
10. Australia

4. More people are searching about leaving Europe

This scary-looking map does not, in fact, show the result of Thursday's referendum - contrary to some reports. That's because search interest does not necessarily indicate voting intention. Plenty of Remain supporting homeowners will likely be Googling questions such as "Will Britain leaving the EU affect house prices?".

5. Britons have questions of their own

We're all scratching our heads over one thing: what, exactly, is Brexit? That's the most searched question across the UK according to Google. In connection with that, auto suggest fills in the following...

And our other most probing questions....

2. How do I vote in the EU referendum?
3. When is the EU referendum
4. Who can vote in the EU referendum
5. Will Brexit happen?

We'll have our answer soon, Google searchers. Soon.