One day to go until the referendum: Here are the best front pages from Fleet Street

William Turvill
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The Sun came out in favour of Brexit earlier this month (Source: Getty)

With just one day to go until voting opens, the UK’s national press have firmly nailed their colours to the EU referendum mast.

The Sun, which backed Leave earlier this month, has brought the Queen back into the debate; the Daily Express is offering Brexit posters; and the Daily Mirror, while condemning a “most divisive, vile and unpleasant political campaign”, has backed Remain.

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On the Leave side are the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and The Sun.

Among the daily newspapers, the Times, Financial Times, Guardian and Daily Mirror have backed Remain.

At the weekend, the Sunday Times backed Brexit while the Mail on Sunday said Remain.

The online-only Independent has also spoken out in favour of staying inside the EU and, away from the UK, German tabloid Bild has bet £10,000 on Remain.

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Here are a selection of the best EU referendum front pages:

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