Almost nine out of 10 EU countries have cheaper petrol than the UK, latest figures show

Edith Hancock
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The UK's petrol is already at a premium (Source: Getty)

Remain campaigners have warned that a Brexit could cause a surge in fuel prices, but fresh figures show the UK’s petrol is already premium.

Almost nine in ten European nations have cheaper petrol prices than the UK, according to new research.

The latest figures show a petrol price of 112p per litre in England, making it one of the most expensive countries in the European Union when it comes to fuel.

Latvia and Poland are currently the cheapest at 79p per litre, while fuel in France also comes in with a lower price tag around the £1 mark.

Overall, the cost of petrol has been in steady decline since 2012, but the RAC claimed earlier this month that the days of sub-£1 fuel in the UK are “starting to seem like a "distant memory”.

Petrol in the Netherlands carries the highest premium within the EU at 121p per litre.

The figures come after the Prime Minister David Cameron warned this week that leaving the EU could add around £200 to the average motorist’s annual fuel bill.