Labour has unveiled plans for a last-gasp "Rally to Remain" in London today, bringing together some of the party's most senior figures

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Shadow Cabinet Make A Joint Call To Labour Supporters To Vote Remain in EU Referendum
Will Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn still be smiling after the result of Thursday 's referendum? (Source: Getty)

Labour has launched a last ditch effort to convince its supporters to vote Remain this week, bringing together party leaders for a final rally in London.

The event will see Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined by London mayor Sadiq Khan, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones and Alan Johnson, leader of the Labour In For Britain campaign.

Labour's “Rally to Remain” will see the party's most senior figures make a final call to action ahead of Thursday's vote.

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Announcing the rally, Corbyn said: “We believe Britain is better off in the European Union, not because we don’t think Europe needs reform – it clearly does – but because it offers the best cross-border framework that we have to defend living standards, rights and protections for all our people.

“By voting to remain we can protect jobs linked to Europe, defend workers’ rights from Tory leaders who want to scrap them, and safeguard our NHS from the threat of runaway Tory cuts and privatisation.

The Labour leader yesterday admitted that he is “not a lover of the EU”, a reiterating his opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and arguing the EU helps to "shield" tax avoiders.

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