EU Referendum: Stronger In gets down with the kids in the name of Remain - again

Edith Hancock
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Mother and daughter on sofa talking
British youngsters are urging parents to vote on their behalf (Source: Getty)

Britain Stronger In Europe will go far to look cool.

The campaign to stay in the EU has released a video showing 16 and 17-year-olds pleading with their seniors to vote Remain on 23 June.

"I've got mates who are Polish, German, Slovakian and Italian" said one teen anxious that his social circle would shrink after the vote on Thursday.

The House of Lords came to a standoff against MPs last year when the commons rejected their proposal to allow 16 and 17-year olds to vote in the referendum.

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So now, the teens have taken matters into their own hands and are putting pressure on their parents to vote In.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the seniors were unmoved.

But this isn't the first time the Remain camp has tried to connect with the yoof of today.

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Earlier this month Stronger In came under fire over a campaign video which argued that "learnin" "earnin" and "ravin" were all good reasons to "votein" on Thursday.

Dropping the "g" on every word may have seemed cool, but young voters didn't like the "spellin" and branded the campaign "patronisin".