The Queen has tweeted for the second time ever to say thank you for her 90th birthday wishes

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The Queen Opens Flanders Field WW1 Memorial Garden
The Queen was grateful for the "digital messages of goodwill" (Source: Getty)

The British monarchy is tearing up the rule-book on thank you letters.

Queen Elizabeth II may be 90, but she's a trailblazer when it comes to modernising the etiquette around birthday wishes.

The Queen tweeted for the second time on Tuesday, thanking her subjects for their "messages of goodwill" as she celebrated her 90th birthday this year.

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And for any who doubt the authenticity of the blue tick on the Royal Family's Twitter account:

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said the Queen tweeted from the white drawing room at Windsor Castle to thank Britons for their birthday well-wishes.

Naturally, Twitter users were overjoyed at the surprise appearance from their monarch.

Although, with the referendum just two days away, some of her loyal followers felt the need to push her on her EU views. Her Majesty has stayed quiet on the subject and denied claims that she is backing a Brexit, but has shown support for the European government's strict regulations on white goods.

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Naturally, the regal tweeter plumped for an iPad to share her words of thanks with the world.

This may be the first time the Queen has used the app in the royal household, but she's fairly savvy when it comes to social media. Back in 2014 she made history when she tweeted for the very first time to celebrate the opening of the Information Age exhibition at London's science museum.


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