Donations to Remain campaigners almost doubled in the latest Electoral Commission figures, thanks to backers including Eddie Izzard

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With just days to go before the referendum, the latest figures show a surge of donations to the Remain camp (Source: Getty)

Donations to the Remain camp have almost doubled in the latest round of figures published by the Electoral Commission, although it continues to be exceeded by funding for Leave campaigners.

For the period from 13 May to 9 June, various Leave groups received a total of £3.6m in donations, with the largest chunk going to Vote Leave, the official campaign group.

By contrast, Remain campaigners received a total of £2.9m, of which roughly two-thirds was directed specifically to the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign.

The figures show that donations to the Leave camp actually shrunk slightly on the last reported figures, while Remain funding improved almost doubled from £1.6m.

The largest individual donors were German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans and comedian and activist Eddie Izzard, who collectively backed the Remain camp to the tune of £17,250.

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The last round of Electoral Commission figures had showed an emerging gulf donations between the two groups.

The first set of figures from the election watchdog reported that almost £16m in donations to both camps had been recorded for the period between 1 February and 21 April, with the Leave camp raising just 10 per cent more than their rivals.

However, a second round, for 22 April to 12 May, showed a growing gulf with Leave campaigners raising more than double that of the Remain camp, with pro-EU groups raising £1.6m, compared to a total of £3.8m for the Eurosceptics.

This latest round of figures mean that since February, £11.9m has been donated to the Remain campaigners, compared to £15.6m for Brexiteers.

A final donation report is expected on 6 July.

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