Poster power: How battle for votes in the EU referendum has played out through ad campaigns

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EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols
The posters draw on key themes throughout the campaign (Source: Getty)

With just two days to go until Britain votes on its future within the EU both sides of campaign have unveiled new posters.

Here's the final poster from Britain Stronger in Europe, created by M&C Saatchi. The campaign said the poster "depicts stairs heading up to an open door that leads into darkness with the line ‘Leave, and there’s no going back’".

(Source: Britain Stronger in Europe)

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After that Leave poster, the UK Independence Party has also unveiled a new ad, alluding to immigration as the key cause of school overcrowding.

(Source: Ukip)

Today's (significantly toned-down) offering came after its previous poster was roundly condemned by both Leave and Remain campaigners. It depicted migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

(Source: Getty)

On the other side of the debate, Labour has been making an argument for Remain based on workers' rights.

It's only to be expected, then, that Labour's poster consisted of a list of those rights.

(Source: Getty)

Meanwhile, Britain Stronger in Europe has also hit out at a couple of its opponents. Throughout the campaign it has depicted a Leave vote as a vote for "Farage's Britain". Boris et al have tried to move themselves away from this.

(Source: Britain Stronger in Europe)

Vote Leave's core claim was also depicted in one of its most-used posters. Many people on both sides agree its £350m claim is misleading (if not outright wrong) - but the campaign has stuck with it.

Meanwhile, NHS chiefs have slammed activists for saying the NHS would get a windfall if the UK voted for Brexit - although Vote Leave has continued to make that claim.

(Source: Vote Leave)

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