EU referendum: Campaigns haven't been relevant to young people, according to poll

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Remain and Leave were both guilty of not making their campaigns relevant to younger voters (Source: Getty)

Both the Remain and Leave referendum campaigns have not been relevant to younger voters, a new poll has indicated.

A poll by NME, a music publication with a core audience of 18-34 years-olds, found that both campaigns have failed to speak to young people.

Some 55 per cent of respondents said the Remain campaign was not relevant to the them, while 61 per cent said the Leave campaign was not relevant to them.

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The poll comes after months of campaigning to get younger voters to register and turn out and vote on the day.

It is thought that the turnout of younger voters is particularly worrying to the Remain campaign given they are more likely to back Remain, according to previous analysis and polling.

However, Remain has won over the NME audience with the majority of respondents planning on voting In (59 per cent) compared to just 32 per cent who say they will vote Leave. Just five per cent are not planning to vote.

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Overall, the economy (36 per cent) came out as the most important issue to this audience, compared to immigration (22 per cent), opportunities to work abroad (seven per cent), travel (four per cent) and housing (four per cent).

Statistical modelling of voter preferences by YouGov has found that younger voters, irrespective of party preference, are more inclined to back Remain than leave.

More general polling has been divided between the Remain and Leave camps, suggesting the vote could go down to the wire on Thursday.‚Äč