These are the most popular countries for Brits seeking work abroad

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Vancouver, BC Scenics
Canada is the most popular place for Londoners to look for work abroad (Source: Getty)

Searching for a job outside of the UK? You’re not the only one.

New research has found nearly one in 10 UK jobseekers are looking for work abroad.

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According to Indeed, the US, France and United Arab Emirates are the three most popular foreign destinations for UK job searches.

Among Londoners, Canada comes out on top, followed by the US and Australia.

The rest of the top 10 lists are made up of Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands and Italy.

Top 10 foreign destinations for job searches

Across UK London
US Canada
France US
UAE Australia
Canada France
Ireland UAE
Australia Germany
Germany South Africa
South Africa Netherlands
Italy Italy
Netherlands Ireland

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Elsewhere, research for Indeed’s Labor Market Outlook 2016 found the UK was the top destination for foreign job searches in Australia, Italy, Japan, Russia and France.

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