#CatsAgainstBrexit: It's happening, and they're fur-ious

Emma Haslett
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"... and that's why I'm voting Re-miaow-n" (Source: Getty)

By now, pretty much everyone, David Beckham included, has made their views known on Brexit. Except, that is, the animal world (well, except sheep).

Did you really expect our four-legged friends to stay silent on such an important issue? No, obviously not. Now the cats of Twitter are giving us all paws for thought by making their voices known - and it seems our feline companions are not a-mew-sed by the idea of a Leave vote.

Yes, #CatsAgainstBrexit started trending this morning, with cat owners across the UK letting the world know what their moggies think.

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Some just wanted to let the world know what they'd be voting, if they had opposable thumbs...

... while others were more concerned about certain issues...

Others thought we are better together...



Some got stuck into campaigning...

In some cat households, divisions remained...


... and some were just tired of the whole thing.