Rail commuters could see annual fares rise by more than £100 in the aftermath of a Brexit vote, Remain campaigners say

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The drop in the value of sterling could hit commuters, according to the Remain camp (Source: Getty)

Annual rail fares could face hundred-pound increases according to new figures.

Fares between London and Oxford could climb by more than £150, while an annual fare from Ashford to London could rise £165. Annual travel between Liverpool and Manchester would rise by £80.

Rail far rises are currently capped by inflation, but Remain campaigners have today warned that this would be loosened after a Leave vote, with sterling depreciating and higher values for imported goods driving inflation.

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Former transport secretary Lord Andrew Adonis said: “If Britain votes to leave the EU we risk a devaluation of the pound and unnecessary inflation. For millions of British commuters that could mean a ‘Brexit penalty’ of more than £100 a year on rail fares.

“In other words, rail users from across the UK will have to help foot the bill for leaving the EU.”

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